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Angel in a Red Vest

Looking up from droopy lids, the man grabbed the bottle and drank quickly, water spilling down the sides of his mouth to trail down his neck and soak the collar of his shirt. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, summoning a lazy, ash-stained smile. Kurt’s heart might have flipped in fourteen somersaults. Possibly fifteen. “Mmm. Look at you – an angel in a red vest. Thank you.”

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Traded in my Grande Non-Fat Mocha today for the first #PSL of the year! (That’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the uninitiated). It was not only delicious, but it also helped inspire this wedding theme featuring all things pumpkin. Blaine thinks it’s too early to be thinking about fall, but I can’t help it! Bundling up in scarves, sipping on coffee… it’s always been my favorite time of year, and now might just be at the top of my list for wedding themes.

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Neon Trees

Mad Love

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Blaine and I have been in a bit of a flea-market frenzy lately now that we have a space that’s completely our own to decorate. We have had to take some extra caution with our purchases so as not to relive ‘The Great Bed Bug Scare of ‘14’, but we’ve made some great finds, nonetheless, including a pretty fabulous vintage record player. And then, last week, we came across vinyl copies of some of Blaine’s fave Neon Trees albums, and amidst revisiting our impromptu foam-party concert (though with far less foam this time around, unfortunately), and belting out our current fave, ‘Mad Love’, it occurred to me that neon would make for a great wedding theme. I guess it’s true what they say, inspiration can come from literally anywhere. Anyway, it’s fortuitous that neon also happens to be one of the biggest trends this wedding season, and when paired with neutrals it makes for a bright and festive summer wedding.

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The Sidhe

There were worlds much like the one they lived in now, and worlds that were different in every conceivable way. There were worlds where they were both human, worlds where they were both Sidhe, and there were worlds where they were some other kind of creature altogether. There were lives where they found and lost each other quickly, and lives where they stayed together for years upon years. There were lives where they loved free and proud, and lives where the love they shared got them both killed. There was every kind of barrier and every kind of victory. There were lives of misery where they never truly saw what they were to one another, and there were lives like precious jewels where they found each other so, so young and saw one another with clear eyes from the very first moment.

And in every life, in every world, their essences were unmistakable. They were Kurt and they were Blaine, in any language, in any interpretation. It was always them.

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Seven years ago today, when Kurt and I were of some indiscernible age, we, like many of you, embarked on our last journey with Harry & Co. Though we didn’t know each other then, I like to think it was a shared experience nonetheless. Over the years our love for the series and the characters hasn’t diminished, and we’ve stayed up many a night embroiled in lengthy debates over who belongs in which house - Kurt insists that he’s a Slytherin and I’m a Hufflepuff, while I’m more inclined to think he belongs in Ravenclaw, with me in Gryffindor. We’ve even started charting out a musical version of the books, (but I get to play Harry). Anyway, it goes without saying that a Harry Potter themed wedding would be right up our alley, complete with Butter Beer, a golden snitch wedding cake, and a book “bouquet”.

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Did you know that Blaine’s name means “little yellow one”? Pretty fitting if you ask me - he’s bright, cheerful, and hotter than the sun, and since I already know he can rock a yellow suit (which is no easy feat, let me tell you), a sunshine yellow wedding just might fit the bill.

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Happy Fourth of July from two of your fave American Boys!


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Blaine and I decided to escape our lives for a little bit and head North to the land of beer, The Bay, and bilingualism. I am, of course, talking about Canada. We’re staying at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Québec City. It’s so lovely here, and would make a great locale for a destination wedding. So, in honour of their nation’s birthday (threw in a “u” there for the authentic Canadian experience), here’s our take on a truly Canadian wedding: a Hudson’s Bay blanket-inspired groomsmaid dress, mini maple syrup favors, and a poutine bar. Not bad for a couple of Americans, eh?

Happy Canada Day!

Kurt, you forgot the best part: the “Timbit” wedding cake! Those little guys are seriously addictive - even more so than cronuts if you can believe it. It’s probably a good idea that we don’t live here, as I can only tackle one baked goods addiction at a time - though, I could stand to hear you speak in French more often… il fait super mignon.

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The Symphony Verse

“I won’t think of them as blocks, Blaine. I’ll think of them as … interludes.”


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